What does this do? It calculates when the level crossing gates will close at different crossings. To do this, the application uses a data feed from Network Rail. It monitors every train on the line and calculates how long it will take to get to the crossing.
Why did you build it? As a local resident, I have been caught out by the gates several times. You might usually know that the gates are down at certain times of the day, but that can be impacted by train delays and freight trains. This solution can account for those things.
Can I download an App in the Appstore? No. At least not yet. To do this, I would need to build an app front end, and for that I would need a MacBook, which I don't own. In the meantime, you can make a shortcut on the home screen of your iPhone by opening the site in Safari, tapping the share icon at the botttom of the page, and selecting 'Add to Home Screen'. If you are a local developer, and fancy making this into a native app, please get in touch.
Why are you asking for donations? The site is non-commerical and ad-free. I want to keep it that way but I also pay about £150 a year out of my own pocket to provide this to the community. I would definitely appreciate any contributes toward that.
Why is it free? Firstly, I cannot guarantee that the data is correct. The information that the site provides is subject to a data feed that I do not control. Secondly, it's nice to give something back.
How do I give feedback or make suggestions? You can reach me at , or find me in the Liss & Surrounding Villages Facebook group.